Actress and comedian Mo’Nique has been sharing her weight loss tips via Twitter to inspire others to lose that weight!

Currently, her old late-night talk shows The Mo’Nique Show has been on indefinite hiatus since last summer and now Mo’Nique has been going to the gym more often.

According to People magazine, back in 2009 Mo’Nique initially lost 45 pounds, going from 262 to 217.

Mo’Nique shared how she planned on losing weight in an interview with Black Voices last year while she got down to between 211 and 206, she said:

Well, at least five times a week, Mo’Nique is up at 5:30 a.m. getting it in at the gym. She works for an hour with a trainer who keeps the routines exciting by having the comedienne do everything from weight training, boxing, and football drills to sprinting, pull-ups on the dip bar, and, on warm days, jogging outdoors. Her workouts have increased in intensity and frequency over time, with her starting out three times a week two years ago.
In recent months, the actress has taken to Twitter to demonstrate how she does it while tweeting inspirational workout advice and quotes.
One tweet of hers read, “Don’t complain! Do something about it!”
Below are photos of Mo’Nique at hard work. You go girl!