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Renting a car has proven to be the key means to getting to the remotest destinations on Uganda safaris. Getting around Uganda like any new destination can be challenging if you don’t have a means, and there are a million reasons why most visitors prefer hiring cars to using public transportation.

The amazing bit about Uganda road trips is that visitors have ultimate exposure, make stopover at the iconic tourist sites en-route, privacy, safety are all guaranteed. Whether you take a self-drive rental car on a road trip or driver guided Uganda tours, your exploration is never restricted.

When you think about traveling in Uganda, everyone has a rental car choice to pick for their road trip. This is regardless of whether you are on business holiday, self-drive or you are hiring a car for a guided Uganda safari. We have a fleet of cars for hire in Uganda offering travelers with variety of choices to select their best.

Although there are hundreds of rental companies offering car hire in Uganda, finding the best car comes with its own challenges. Not to complicate your journey, here is the ultimate guide to renting a car in Uganda;

Request a quote

Once you have known the car rental company to work with, next important part is to send an inquiry. Visit the company’s contact form, or email the company, all these details are available on company’s website. There is also an option of making direct call and you talk to the reservation team, if the first contact isn’t available probably network challenges, but you can try the next one.


When hiring a car in Uganda, most car hire companies are open to negotiation. Feel free to ask if there is discount offer probably you are hiring a car for many days. When you agree on the final rate, next stage you will be sent an invoice consisting of bank account for making payment and more.


Every car hire service provider has percentage they require a client to deposit. Normally it ranges between 30% and 50%, then the balance can be cleared when picking the car in Uganda. The car keys can only be handed to you when you have cleared the balance.

Confirm booking

Once you are done making deposit, the company will send a stamped and signed receipt. This confirms that your vehicle has been booked and you will find it right there on the day of pick up.

In conclusion, renting a car in Uganda is one of the best ways to getting around the Pearl of Africa either on self-drive or driver guided safaris. Reach out to our reservation team to book your dream car now, and enjoy a memorable road trip.


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