When you are planning your family vacation, consider destination that cater to families and offer a variety of attractions suitable for children of different ages. All you want is to have a memorable time and one of the things you should consider is the family rental car that will offer comfort for everyone. Look for places with family- friendly accommodation, such as resorts or hotels that provide amenities like play grounds, pools and spacious family suites. We have a fleet of perfect rental cars that are ideal for family travel.

Land Cruiser Prado (TX, TZ, GX)

This is a very good car for family vacation because of its carrying capacity up 5 people and large space for luggage. Some land cruisers a pop up roof and this kind can be provided if you are heading for a wildlife safari. But our land cruiser prado series available include TX, TZ, and GX.

Safari Land Cruiser (Hard Top, VX and V8)

This safari Land Cruiser is perfect for family tours in Uganda, particularly for wildlife tours in Uganda’s savannah parks including Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo among others. This safari car accommodates 5 to 8 people and it is 4WD vehicle destined for safaris and outdoor camping in Uganda. This car comprises of a pop up roof making it ideal for wildlife viewing experience in the park. Some of these vehicles come with mini- fridge and fully air conditioned.

Toyota Super Custom

A Super Custom is customized for family with kids. It is a 4WD vehicle suitable for road trips to safari destinations like destinations like national parks and game Reserves. This car accommodates 5 people and has enough space for luggage. It is a luxury family car with nice interior that features adjustable seats, air condition and wide leg room. And with this, some super customs have got pop up roofs which enable tourists to get clear views of wildlife during game drives.

Safari Van

This van is one of the biggest rental cars available for family safaris in Uganda. Also referred to Toyota Safari Van, this 4WD carries about 9 passengers. The van is hired for guided tours. It has a pop up roof and wide clear windows. The van still features seats with enough legroom.

Toyota Rav4

Are you planning a self-drive family safari, consider hiring the Toyota Rav4. This SUV is a perfect choice for a small family of 2 to 4 people with not too much luggage. It is also good for camping and wildlife tours. This Toyota Rav4 is known for its pocket friendly fuel consumption. The car is also good for city tours.

In conclusion, make sure to hire the best family car for your loved ones by selecting from the above list depending on your interests. But with kids, don’t miss electric cooler box and baby seat, if you have a baby on board. With this fleet of family cars, we believe that you will not be left out of choice.