What to Consider When Renting a Car in Uganda

Car Rental in Africa

Uganda is a country of wonders, being a land locked country doesn’t matter when it come to Tourism. When you list the tourism destinations and the many attractions that can be found here, you will prove that the country is the pearl of Africa.  The country is home to Big Rivers, like Nile, lakes, forests, wildlife, birds, Mountains, primates, and many more.

Many visitors come and visit the country to explore Ugandan tourism attractions. Among those some decide to hire cars for self drive themselves or hire chauffeur for their trips. There are many important matters to consider when planning to rent a car in Uganda.

What to Consider when planning a rental trip in Uganda.

-Make sure you book with a reliable car rental company. Reliable compony will make sure all goes well with trip.

-Make sure you book a reliable 4×4 car. Depending on your Itinerary and the destinations you will be visiting. Make sure the car is capable and reliable.

-Make sure the car has a spare Tyre, in case one tyre gets damaged, it is easy to switch to the spare tyre as you look for a place to work on the damaged tyre

-When renting a car in Uganda, make sure it has wheel spanner, jack, triangle, first aid kit for a smooth running of the rental. Wheel spanner and jack helps in changing tyre.

-For car hire in Uganda, make sure the car has Comprehensive Insurance. This helps in case the car gets a problem.

-Make sure you have a desighed Itinerary for proper planning and connecting the safari. The Itinerary helps, to know what will be done day by day.

-Travel maps, GPS, books with information are all important when renting a car in Uganda.

-When hiring a car in Uganda, obey the traffic sighs and when the traffic officer stops you, he will want to see whether the car if fit to be on the road, and also whether the driver has the right documentation to drive in Uganda.

-Make sure you have a valid driving license whether local or international

-It is possible to cross border with car to countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. But it is necessary to include it in the inquiry such that the tour consultant provide the necessary information.

-4×4 cars are preferred when renting a car in Uganda. Since some destinations are remote and may have bird trails, 4×4 cars are powerful to trail in bad roads.

-A tyre cover is also useful when renting a car in Uganda. Most of tyre covers have firsthand information about the car like contacts which can be easily reach in case of a problem.

-It is possible to do a camping trip in Uganda. It can be with ground tent or car with rooftop tent. There are accommodations with camping grounds in destinations of Uganda.

-Make sure you camp at a safe place. It is better to get accommodation facility with camping ground.

-Read through terms and conditions of the rental (agreement) and understand properly before sighing. Ask questions where you need more Clarification.

-In case the itinerary involves remote places like Kidepo National Park, empty can or Jerrycan for reserving fuel is necessary, petrol station may be found far distances, so keeping yourself with fuel is paramount.

-Renting a car with pop up roof helps to view wildlife clearly. This involves standing in the car and look outside with wider view.

-In case the car gets a problem, it is advisable to contact the company before deciding to do something.

-Keeping time is paramount, for instance for gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, it is done very early in the morning, so you have to be at the park headquarter at the required time

-Make sure you exchange some small money to purchase some souvenirs or any small thing on the trip.

-Avoid speed on car rental trip in Uganda. This will minimize on the accidents, such that the trip goes on well.

-There are penalties on the road, when you are caught violating laws on the road, like over speeding, not obeying traffic sighs, driving without valid driving licence.

– In the national parks or game reserves, animals have right of way. Avoid speed in the national parks.


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