Lil Wayne and his crew are in trouble yet again. Weezy’s entourage is being accused of attacking a photographer in Miami last week. According to reports, a photographer caught Lil Wayne and his friends skating outside of a church where there was a “no skating” sign. The photographer got a few snapshots of the rapper and entourage while they were skating. After it began to rain, Weezy and company packed up to leave. When the YMCMB general became aware of the unwanted attention, he ordered a goon to confiscate the camera and things went left.

The photographer says Weezy’s crew spat on him, pushed him to the ground, and tried to destroy his bicycle. The photographer alleges eight of Lil Wayne’s people surrounded him and forcefully deleted pictures from his camera while they were being intimidated. One of the goons took a skateboard to the photographer’s bicycle. once the photographer broke free from the group, he ran straight to the Miami Beach Police and filed a report. Weezy and the crew have yet to respond to the photographer’s claims.