when a Saudi businessman’s financial became a bit more than dire he decided that he would sell off one of his supposed prized possessions his son for a whopping $20million

A Saudi man put up his son for sale on Facebook for a whopping $20 million (Dh73.4m) to beat poverty.

According to the ‘Al Sharq’ newspaper, Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry took the extreme step when all doors closed on him. His business of collecting debts and settling disputes had to be shut down following a court ruling, which stated it was not a legal firm, he alleged.

Thereafter, he approached the Labour Office for monthly financial assistance. He alleged that he was refused aid because he was above 35 years – the age limit of receiving ministry help.

Therefore, he decided to sell his child to offer “a decent life to his mother and sister rather than living in poverty”, the report added.

His only condition for the ‘sale’ is to know the city where the buyer resides.

He is willing to take the matter to court to complete the ‘sale procedures’, the paper added.