The raw and untouched Pearl of Africa, Uganda, is home to one of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa and undoubtedly remarkable wildlife diversity on Earth. Travelers can always anticipate unmatched Uganda safari experiences while watching the gentle mountain gorillas in the dense jungles of south-western Uganda, lions, the towering giraffes, graceful elephants, frisky chimpanzees and chirping birds in their unique natural habitats.

Unbeaten gorilla encounters, unmatched game viewing, endless nature walking trails, chimpanzee trekking tours, mountaineering and indescribable bird watching experiences are some of the activities that the exciting National Parks in Uganda offer during safaris. However, even with only 10 National Parks, it is very challenging to pick the must-visit Parks because each one of them offers something unique and irresistible.

However, we have handpicked the top 4 exciting must-visit parks on a Uganda safari to help you plan your next tip in the beautiful East African Country.

Murchison falls National Park

Starting off with the oldest and largest protected area in Uganda, the phenomenal Murchison falls National Park is the Crown jewel of the country, as far as tourism is concerned. Established in 1952, this protected Area is one of the must-visit safari destinations in the country and ideal for encountering majority of Africa’s renowned game species like Rothschild giraffes, Defassa waterbucks, Hartebeests, Topis, Uganda Kobs, Oribis, lions, African bush elephants, Cape buffaloes, leopards, to mention but a few.

Murchison Falls National Park is situated within the north-western Uganda in the districts of Masindi, Kiryandongo, Buliisa and Nwoya, and is a huge 3893 square kilometers in area. This stunning park has been around for over 8 decades and normally draws adventure seeker from across the World. About 80 mammal species, 500 bird species, jaw-dropping landscapes including the mighty Murchison falls and the Victoria Nile are all things you ought to see in this stunning National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

There is no doubt that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the south-western corner of the country is one of the top 4 exciting must-visit National Parks on Uganda safaris. This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the World-famous endangered mountain gorillas.

These primates are endangered and found in only three countries, and Bwindi being one of the National parks sheltering them surprisingly has the highest population with over 450 individuals out of the 1060 individuals.

This 321-square kilometer Park has about 120 mammals, 350 birds that include the Albertine Rift endemics, over 200 butterfly species and so much more. During your visit to this Park, you can get the chance to track the mountain gorilla, undertake mountain biking, cultural tour of the Batwa pygmies, and many other adventures.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Another place on the top 4 exiting must-visit Parks on Uganda safaris has to be Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda, with its diverse ecosystems/landscapes that comprise forests, wetlands, Lakes (freshwater and Crater), the Kazinga Channel, vast savannah grasslands and woodlands. This Park is known for many undisputable things but the one that stands out is the fact that it is home to the tree-climbing lions found in its southern Ishasha sector.

If you wish to do lion tracking, unmatched guided bush walks, hippo census, thrilling boat rides, hot air balloon tours, extraordinary community tours, rewarding game drives where you will witness four of the big five game (lions, leopards, Elephants and Buffaloes), then you should visit Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Easily the most picturesque safari destination in the country, Kidepo Valley National Park is an exciting must-visit Park during Uganda safaris. Sprawling in the isolated north-Eastern part of Uganda, the spectacular Kidepo is remote and as such, despite hosting some of the rarest wildlife species like cheetahs, striped hyenas, Ostriches and others, it doesn’t crawl with travelers as it should be.

Thanks to its incredible sweeping savannah plains, it has been recognized for offering the real “African wilderness experience” and visitors to the Park never run out of things to enjoy. At some point you are admiring the big cats especially cheetahs, lions, leopards on rock kopjes, the birds in the Narus Valley, elephants, buffaloes, spotted and striped hyenas, zebras and Rothschild giraffes roaming across the sweeping plains, at another point you are enjoying the Karamojong cultural experience.