How Safe is it to Self-drive in Uganda?

4x4 Car Hire in Uganda

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions by very many travelers to Uganda, and we normally receive this question via emails or through our other social Medias like Facebook and twitter. It’s true to ask this question because for anyone to travel, as to be sure of his/her safety while in a strange country like Uganda. Many travelers perceive Uganda as one of the unsafe countries in the world, how this this perspective is very wrong, Uganda is known as one of the safest African countries with no political insurgencies, and the country can be visited safely without any fear and doubt. it’s true during the 1980’s and during Kony’s war in the northern part of Uganda, there were insecurity in the country and many people feared to visit Uganda especially on a self-drive safari, however all these came to pass, the country is stable with no any political war.

Your safety is highly ensured during your stay in the country, all institution in line of tourism are responsible for your security from the time you arrive in the country until you leave including the car hire company you have hired the car from or which have organized the all safari for you, the lodges/hotels where you will spend your overnights, the tour guides/drivers in the national parks, the ranger guides/wardens, the tourism police, the government and the local community all these institution among many others are all responsible for clients’ well-being and safety while on safari. Even at the airport, security is guaranteed and your luggage arrives without being picked through as it is common in many other African airports and you are checked well.

Security men and traffic police are most of the time on the road to ensure that there is safety on the road and also to ensure that road driving rules are well followed, so don’t get scared to see traffic police at any point on the road. You are also reminded to drive at the recommended speed during your road trip to avoid causing accidents. The speed limit on the major highways is 70-100 km / hour, 30-50 Km in major towns and trading centers, 40-50 km/ hour in National parks, 40-60 km per hour on murram roads, consider this to avoid messing up and for the good of your safety. You have to keep right while driving in Uganda, not like in Rwanda where you have to keep left-hand side, avoid over speeding unless overtaking, don’t drive when drunk and be focused in order to go and come back safely, if this is considered well , your safari will be a memorable one.

it should be considered that most of Uganda roads to some of the tourist destination specially in the villages are not tarmacked accept a few in Kampala and outside Kampala, so if you are going for a safari deep in the village, you are advised to hire a comfortable 4×4 safari vehicles which can navigate the terrine roads especially in the village which sometimes become muddy especially during rainy seasons. most Uganda’s attractions like national parks are located in remote areas deep in the village so you should be considerate when choosing the car to use, however the car hire agent will always advise you on the type of car you should us depending on your destination to disappointments, however this will only be applicable if you book with a car hire agent in time.

For your safety, if you are not well conversant with your destination, you are advised to hire a car with a driver so that you can just sit at the back and leave everything to the driver. All our drivers are well experienced, they know each and every part of the county, many are born with in the country, and they know the safe and unsafe places /roads so you will enjoy the best during your safari to Uganda if you opted a car with a driver. In case of any mechanical problem, you will leave each and everything to the driver which is not the case if you are on self-drive safari. So, hiring a driver on your safari also adds on your safety and the challenge of driving in a country which you are not well familiar with.

Ugandan people are friendly and hospitable and always have a positive attitude towards visitors to their nation and always love to meet them, and they are conscious about your safety during your stay in the country, they will always greet in at a graceful manner ‘’you are most welcome’’ they will make sure that you have a wonderful moment ding your stay in the country. And in case you are lost don’t hesitate to ask them they will always direct in case you are asking for a cheap restaurant, accommodation or a destination.

Most of the car hire companies provide rescues in case of any breakdown on the road; they have machinists in most of the big towns around the country who come for reuse to ensure customer satisfaction. However if they find that the problem is too big, they have stand by cars which they can bring one and replace the one with a mechanical problem. You shouldn’t get scared because your well being is on everyone’s mind and security is practiced in the most attentive manner.  Don’t get scared to hire a car for self-drive in Uganda on your safari for a memorable experience, you will go on a safari and comeback when safe and satisfied

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