Looking to renting a car in Uganda? There are important things to know so that you can have a trouble free car rental service while on holiday in Uganda. Though there are many questions that you need clear answers, here are the 5 most important things that you must agree with a car rental agency that is to hire to you a rental car;

  1. Is travel insurance needed even when the car is already insured?

Most companies offer comprehensive insurance in case of Fire, accident and theft. However, this insurance does not cover the occupants and their belongings so you must come with your own personal life insurance. You should also be in the know of the extra fees that you may incur incase an accident occurs. In most cases of an accident the insurance company covers about %60 of the cost. Be in the know of other extras such as car carrier fees, and if the damage is out of the clients negligence!  There are some cases when the client is totally in the wrong and the insurance company is not willing to pay for example driving under the influence of alcohol, careless drives into rivers or lakes, renting a car and giving it to unlicensed drivers whom you didn’t register with the car rental agency! In such a case, you may be forced to be pay for all the damages made to the car.

2. Driving License

Would you like to rent a car in Uganda but you are not in possession of a Ugandan driving license? Don’t you also have an international driving license as a backup? If you want to rent a self drive car in Uganda one thing to note is that you can use a foreign driving license for a period of up to three months. If you are looking to a longer stay, you either have to obtain an international driving license or a Uganda driving license. The local driving permit can be arranged locally through a driving school in Uganda.

Please note that during your travels you can be frequently stopped at police stop check points to see your driving license. It is therefore important to carry a license and keep it nearby while traveling in Uganda.