With the new Cyhi Da Prynce-featured “Blame Yo Self” currently buzzing across the Internet, rapper Zac Fresh gives you his top five reasons to purchase this must-have record.]

1. It’s Really G.O.O.D. Music

Isay this humbly, but, number one, the song is fire and if you are a fan of G.O.O.D music artist CyHi Da Prynce, this is a song you need to hear. If you liked what he did on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I think you will like this. Everything CyHi does is dope.

2. The Blame Game

If the haters are getting you down, then this song will remind you that they should blame themselves and not you for climbing up the ladder to success. Do you know that saying, that crab-in-the-barrel syndrome? That’s on them the haters, don’t blame yourself. CyHi and I appreciate all the love and support from the websites and blogs for featuring the song. We are going to radio with it now and ignoring all the haters along the way.

3. Out Here Grindin’

In my opinion, this song is a good motivator if you are constantly moving and on your grind. This is something for your iPod and your Beats By Dre headphones. We got the remix coming out soon by Trakksounds…that will really be hot too.

4. Hi Hater, Bye Hater

Even if you are a hater, you should buy “Blame Yo Self” so you can really take a second look at yourself. This is a mirror for you to see who you really are. I was really inspired by the timeless message from Ice Cube’s classic “Check Yo Self.”

5. SOHH The Bottom Line Is…

The fifth and final reason: if you don’t buy it you will be blaming yo self (laughing)… Last but not least, thanks to SOHH for having me here.

You Decide. Will you purchase “Blame Yo Self?”