”I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”

Jay-Z has officially signed a worldwide publishing administration deal with warner/Chappell Music.  This deal also includes his company Roc Nation. This agreement will the Warner/Chappell Music the rights to Jay-Z’s music from 2008 and up, which is The Blueprint 3 and Watch The Throne. The rest of Jay-Z’s catalog will transfer to the company by the end of this year. Jay-Z released a statement today about the deal with Warner/Chappell Music:

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“The real meaning of success is being in the position to work with an individual you consider a friend,” said Jay in a statement. “Jon Platt is such a person. He’s a man of extraordinary character as well as a remarkably talented executive with an ear for music and an eye for talent. It’s great to watch him grow to be one the best in the business.”

The deal involving his company Roc Nation will allow Warner/Chappell Music to add all current artists on the label to their publishing roster. This would include songwriter Phillip Lawrence (Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green, Alicia Keys), S1 (Beyoncé, Kanye West, 50 Cent), Carmen Key (Flo Rida, David, Guetta), and British pop star Rita Ora just to name a few. Jon Platt also released the following statement below:

“I first partnered with Jay in 1996, and it’s been thrilling to work with my friend over the past 16 years as he’s grown into one of the world’s best songwriters and become a global icon,” said Platt, currently president, creative at Warner/Chappell after serving at EMI Music Publishing for many years. “He consistently breaks new ground, producing an incredible body of work that will be enjoyed by generations of fans to come. At the same time, Roc Nation is one of the most dynamic and influential music companies around. It is home to an extraordinary collection of hit-makers, who are writing and producing many of today’s most popular songs and collaborating with the world’s most successful artists. I couldn’t be happier to continue my relationships with Jay and Roc Nation and build on our partnerships at Warner/Chappell.”

Congrats to Jay-Z! He is one of the smartest businessmen out today!