During an appearance on Friday, in which Ray J supported the Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action Organizations at the Los Angeles Sentinel office, the musician and reality star briefly addressed reporters inquiring about his reaction to Houston’s death.

“I really miss my friend, you know, I really do,” he said. “I’m still hurting.”

“I’m able to look at life in a whole different way. I always look at my phone because I….I got a picture of somebody I really love and it helps me through the day. But for the most part, I’m here for the kids. I’m here to give back, laugh with them, hug them, give them anything they need. So I want to thank all of y’all for coming.”
Ray J (last name: Norwood) is the brother of Brandy Norwood and, most scandalously, the co-star of Kim Kardashian‘s infamous sex tape.

Oprah’s Big Get: First Sit-Down Interview With Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina

“Whitney just got belligerent,” an eyewitness told AfricamLimeLight.com. Houston’s body was discovered submerged in a bathtub in her hotel room on Saturday, Feb. 11; an autopsy has since been completed but the results are on hold pending a toxicology report.
Despite the sudden loss, Ray J keeps the memory of Nippy – Houston’s nickname – alive every day.

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