Phyllis Hyman, the 6’2” statuesque Broadway singer, actress, who signed with Arista Records, managed by Clive Davis was being groomed to become a new pop singing sensation.

Unfortunately, the deep voice singer who preferred to sing ballads, not pop tunes had rough battles with management who no longer wanted to promote the singer. She was under the restraint of her contract with Arista, forced to assist other recording artists with studio session work, and slowly descended into hard times. Clive Davis wanted his pop star and if Phyllis would not give him what he wanted he made sure she would not be able to sing for anyone else.

Ten years after Arista signed a young, talented 22-year-old Whitney Houston, with a string of hits starting in 1985 with “Saving All My Love” Phyllis got tired of being a prisoner to Arista committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills (yahoo).

Now it is 27 years later, and the world has watched the slow decline of Whitney Houston who also has committed suicide by overdosing on pills. The day before Whitney died a video was released showing Whitney shoving her daughter into the arms of her (Godfather) Clive Davis at his annual company party; any mother could read between the lines of this scene and know Whitney was begging Clive Davis to look after her daughter once she is deceased (TMZ).

Tragic coincidence? Or is this the new music industry standard of earning money? After all, powerhouses of the likes of Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley (after their death of course) their earning power hits the stratosphere. Our record company execs in the business of building up their artists, all the while making millions off of their God-given talent, to help enable them, and tear them down so they can earn even more money once they are dead?

Phyllis Hyman was so stunned that Clive Davis would not consider giving her R & B ballads a chance, after such success with her hit of the remake of the Stylistics “Betcha By Golly Wow” that he would be dead set on the new trend in the late eighties, early nineties of ‘Pop music’ and from the looks of things, Pop music has all but extinguished Rhythm and Blues; thanks to artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. As if R & B music can only be enjoyed by fans of Pop. Remember R & B brought us the Rolling Stones and the Beatles!

I know some of you are thinking Whitney did narcotics and was quite the ugly diva, but I saw a talented woman who became a victim of fame and fortune. As she once said, she became her own worst enemy.

The Music Industry is a poison pill and is a hazard to anyone health who gets involved with it; especially African Americans artists and their fan base. The music industry is in serious need of an overhaul and better protection for its artists.
Whitney is resting now. The angels are giving her instructions and showing her the way to recovery and healing….finally finding peace.

Source: Yahoo, TMZ