kanye25f-4-webAwww, poor Kanye, he is acting like a young girl that has been dumped by her boyfriend, now that Jay Z has a new muse in Justin Timberlake his old muse, Kanye West is feeling some kind of way…

On Saturday night during  his concert in London Kanye West added a freestyle to his hit song Clique spitting,

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f–kin’ with that ‘Suit & Tie.’”
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Suit & Tie is Jay Z and Justin Timberlake‘s new collabo and they just announced a joint Suit & Tie world tour for the summer. Ouch.

But Jay and Justin weren’t the only ones in Kanye’s crosshairs, he also lashed out at the Grammys saying they could ‘suck his d–k!’ and ranted about never having won a Grammy against a white person.

Then Yeezy seemed to take a swipe at Beyonce, who just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi to sponsor her tour, ranting in a mocking voice,

“Can I sell your drink for you, please? So you can help me put on a better show, please, corporations? Can you please support me, please? Me, Kanye West? I swear I’m a nice n—a now. I swear I’ll put the pink Polo back on.”

This will not end well.