Is Jay Z Creeping on Beyonce? An upcoming rapper by the name of ‘Liv‘ claimed Jay-Z tried to smash while still married to their wife Beyonce.
Over the weekend an up-and-coming rapper named Liv claimed Jay Z tried to smash while he was married to Beyonce…

Liv tells PNC Radio
“For the most part, Jay hit me on some, ‘I’ll hit you when I’m in town’…This is while he is married to Beyonce.”

“For me, I’m not that chick. I could do a lot of things but [I choose not to.]“

“I have a lot of respect for Beyonce. As an artist, as a woman, as a wife.”

“I could do a lot of grimey things, so I could get in a position, but I would have to look at myself in the mirror…Why not just work for it?… I’m not even on that. I’m not trying to compromise for this game.”

And that’s not all. Liv talks about the encounter in one of her songs.

On The Invasion Part 2 Liv raps,

I could have messed with Jay, but got respect for Bey/ We were on the same set of a commercial, see / I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me / I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me/ Excuse me, Miss, do me a favor, put your number on this piece of paper When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later/ I know most chicks would have taken the bait, but then those chicks are the ones I hate / I wonder to this day if I’d have given it up would it be me on stage throwing it up!