A top high school basketball recruit collapsed in court after he was sentenced to a minimum of 3 years in prison. Cameras in the courtroom caught Tony Farmer, 18, mouthing the words “Oh, no,” just before he collapsed as Judge Pamela Barker read his sentence.
Farmer, who is 6-7, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, felonious assault, and other crimes, but the basketball star and his family and friends assumed he would be sentenced to probation.

The judge sentenced Farmer to prison, even though his victim — his ex-girlfriend Andrea Lane — asked the judge not to send Farmer to prison

“I know he was a good person,” Lane told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I hope he still is.”

Farmer’s family and friends sobbed and gasped out loud when Farmer collapsed to the floor. The stern judge snapped: “I’m not finished,” as deputies escorted crying family members out into the hall.

Video cameras caught Farmer assaulting Lane on tape last April in the lobby and parking lot of her apartment complex, according to Yahoo Sports.

The 3-year prison sentence ends Farmer’s promising college basketball career.

Watch the graphic video of Farmer punching his ex-girlfriend in the lobby of her apartment building. Thanks to Dan Jovic of FOX8 Cleveland for the video.

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