Factors that Influence the Rental Price of the Car

Car Rental Rates

It is often hard to be completely objective and determine the rental price for your car just as it should be. We tend to think about how expensive the repairs are, how much time and effort we have invested in it, how much it costs us, how much we spend on insurance, road tax, maintenance etc. Even more important than making stunning car photos (but don’t get me wrong, they are extremely important) is to determine the right price for your car. Very simple advice would be please set a lower price for the first rentals and then you can increase it when you have your first rentals reviews, feedback, 5 star ratings and good response time.

Below are factors that influence the rental price of your car

Age of the car

The manufacturing year of a rental car is a strong factor in determining the rental price of a car. The older the rental car, the lower the price and the newer the higher the price. Rental cars between 2000 to 2010 always rank low in prices while new versions between 2012 to 2017 are charged highly due to their mileage & durability.

Booking Method

Once you choose a rental company for your car hire in Tanzania, proceed to make a booking online but get a rental deal with a cancellation policy, this gives you room to keep searching or shopping for other cheaper options online, once you find a better one, you can choose to cancel and re-book with another company at the most favorable rate.

Fuel consumption and engine type

Since the price of fuel is still relatively high, another important thing is fuel consumption. If the renters can save on fuel by renting a slightly more expensive car, they will usually choose the car with lower fuel consumption, so lower fuel consumption might allow you to increase the price. Also, the engine type is important. Diesel engines are favored more than petrol engines, and cars running on LPG are even more complicated because some people avoid these cars, although they can reduce fuel expenses even more.

Car type

Minivans, vans, Toyota land cruiser, extended land cruiser and similar cars can have a higher price than regular cars.

Car brand and model

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well same applies to cars, a popular brand will always stand out anywhere and that’s why their value is high on the market. German, UK & US car brands are always priced higher than Japan and China-made cars mainly based on style, mileage, durability and use.

Time of the year

Car rental is a seasonal business, since the demand for rental cars surges in April and shrinks in September. If you increased the price during spring and summer, don’t forget to lower it once autumn comes.

Competition in the specific location

With the advancement of rental car services in the recent few years there are many companies that offer the facility of rental car services. In order to increase their customer there could be the chances of a reduction in the prices of the rental car in a specific location.

Car photos

Many things are determined by marketing. If you want your car to be rented out, the car must look great in the photos.


The competition in a certain area might also influence the price of the car. Since there are more cars available in Riga, the prices might be slightly lower because the renters will be able to choose from a wider variety of cars and find cheaper options. But keep in mind that the income level is higher in Riga, so even if the competition in your city is much lower, you need to set a reasonable price that the renters will be able to afford.

Insurance and other extras

You can set a higher price if the car has any extras, list them in the car description. Extras usually don’t affect the price of the car, but they might help the renter to decide that your car is the right one for him.

Number of People Traveling

All travelers need to acknowledge that the number of people you are planning to travel with greatly affect the price of your car rental. Therefore, take the courtesy to search for a car that can suit your members on the trip including their luggage and delight in the safe or comfortable tour. If you are a family or group traveler, then automatically you need a larger car like a safari van or minibus and this will be ideal for a wonderful adventure this season. Whilst, if you are solo planning a leisure trip, then you have to think about renting a small-sized vehicle like Toyota Rav4. It’s important to note that the bigger the car, the higher the price and vise-versa.

Company Reputation

Take note that there are many car rental companies available online ready to offer you a guided road trip or self-drive adventure and all these pride in offering a unique car hire service at the best rate. At times what helps you to choose a trustworthy company is the good reviews from past customers?

Booking time

Making your car reservation early helps you choose your favorite rental car at the most affordable price, it also saves you from last-minute panic or inconveniences like highly-priced Tanzania car rental packages because you need the car so urgently. We advise travelers to always book their car rental at least 1-3 months prior to the dates of travel and this gives you chance to save some dollars by getting on a cheaper car rental deal.


We hope the above factors help you make the right choices when you decide to rent a car in Tanzania for self-drive or driver-guided trip. To book or inquire about the availability of any rental car in Tanzania, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to Car Rental Tanzania.

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