Looks like trouble in paradise for the cast of “Basketball Wives.”  According to TMZ, a fight broke out between reality stars Tami Roman and Kesha Nichols.  Last month while the ladies were vacationing in Tahiti, Tami and Kesha got into a heated argument, ending in Kesha storming out without her purse.  Tami held on to Kesha’s purse, hoping she would retrieve it and resume their conversation. Unfortunately, when Kesha found out, she involved hotel security.  The local authorities were about to be called, but the producers of the show convinced Tami to return Kesha’s purse in order to resolve the issue.

Calls to VH1 and both cast members were not returned.

What say you, readers? Did Kesha blow the situation way out of proportion? Was Tami trying to be a good samaritan? Sound off in the comments section below.